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Fishing in Seychelles

A unique destination for exceptional fish! Located at more 8000 km from France, the Seychelles Islands form an archipelago of 115 islands spread out over 400 000 km2.

Almost 50 % of the Seychelles’ territory is made up of natural reservations allowing you to have incredible fishing results.

A real fishing paradise we invite you to discover!

Please note that fishing season in the Seychelles goes from October to May.

What makes Seychelles different?

With industrial being strictly forbidden, a number of species have flourished quietly. Fishing in the Seychelles is a unique occasion to discover totally virgin territories.

Whether you practice jigging, popper or trolling, our packages will allow you to face a large number of fish. Giant Travelly, dog tooth tuna, giant kingfish, groupers, yellowfins tunas, sailfish and marlins are a small selection of the species you can fish in Seychelles.



Exotic Big Game Fishing

The Seychelles archipelago is simply, for us, the best place in the world for sport fishing. No matter how many catches you want in a day, know that it's possible.

  • Interior Islands

    Composed of Mahé, Praslin, La Digue, Frégate, Denis and Bird. A best seller for all fishermen that want to combine holidays and fishing.

  • Amirantes

    Probably the best fishing place around the world! The Amirante Islands are a group of coral islands and atolls that belong to the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.

  • Austral Group

    Southern Coral Group are composed of Platte and Coetivy. A great fishing spot for organizing expeditions on catamarans or sport fishing yachts!

  • Farquhar

    An archipelago at the end of the world where everything is possible. Imagine miles and miles of reefs and shoals.

  • Aldabra

    The world's second-largest coral atoll in the Indian Ocean. Due to its location, only motor yachts will allow you to access to that area. Aldabra is one of the most virgin fishing spot around the world!

Your Trip

To offer you the trip that will perfectly meet your expectations here are some information we need:

Number of days on site
Number of fishermen
Boats you are looking for
Approximate budget

On the basis of these criteria we will be able to define if it is more interesting to select an inshore or an offshore trip and what kind of boats and accommodation are to be recommended.

Personalized Advices

Surrounded by professional fishing guides, our team is committed to providing you with tips on the best fishing techniques and equipment to use during your next trip.

Unlimited Possibilities

The satisfaction of our customers being our priority, our team offers tailor-made fishing trips. At Yachting Fishing Specialist, we transform your expectations into an unforgettable trip!

Equipment Rental

The guarantee to fish with a material in excellent condition, coming from the biggest brands. A selection that will offer you efficiency and unequaled sensations.

YFS Boats Selection

A collection of the best Speedboats, Catamarans Mothership, Fishing Sport Yachts and big Yachts in Seychelles for InShore and OffShore Trips.

Sport Fishing Yachts

For OffShore Trips

Highly recommended by our fishing experts!
Our small selection of Sport Fishing Yacht will ensure you one incredible fishing action. Those boats are simply « monsters ».
Designed for Big Game Fishing we can organise the finest fishing expedition available in Seychelles. Offer dedicated for fishing addicts.


Catamarans Mothership

For OffShore Trips

Choosing to use a hotel boat during your fishing trips is, without a doubt, a wise choice!
Our Offshore fishing expeditions are organized aboard motorized catamarans or motor yachts.
These ships are perfectly adapted to the expectations of the most demanding fishermen! They offer the ideal solution to move at will, allowing to join virgin fishing places which are inaccessibles by any other means.
Each fishing day starts at 7:00am and ends around 5:00pm.


Yacht Fishing Expeditions

For VIP OffShore Trips

Welcome to the world of the Yachting Fishing Specialists.
Here we all share one passion: the freedom that only luxury yachting and fishing offers.
Whether you are looking for an unforgettable yachting experience, we are providing the finest fishing offers available on the market.
In the world of yachting and fishing, you could have no better qualified or trustworthy partner than YFS.



For Inshore and OffShore Trips

Speedboats are essential when you are looking for big game fishing.
Using our speedboats will allow you to fish Interior Islands as well as Amirantes, Austral Groups and much more.
For Offshore Fishing Expeditions, we are combining speedboats with a fine selection of catamarans and motor yachts.

Popular Boats

  • Image
    Riviera 60’ — 20.30m

    Year Built • 2013 — Cruising Speed • 24kn

    Cabins • 3 — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)4

  • Image
    Riviera 46’ — 14.50m

    Year Built • 2015 — Cruising Speed • 28kn

    Cabins • 3 — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)8 — Max. Pax (overnight)4

  • Image
    Riviera 45’ — 14.00m

    Year Built • 2016 — Cruising Speed • 25kn

    Cabins • 3 — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)4

  • Image
    Seafox 32’ — 9.80m

    Year Built • 2010 — Cruising Speed • 26kn

    Cabins • TBC — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)4

  • Image
    Boston Whaler 270 — 8.30m

    Year Built • 2015 — Cruising Speed • 25kn

    Cabins • - — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)8 — Max. Pax (overnight)-

  • Image
    Boston Whaler 370 Outrage — 11.25m

    Year Built • 2014 — Cruising Speed • 25kn

    Cabins • - — Max. Beam • 3.35m

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)-

  • Image
    Leopard 46’ — 14.00m

    Year Built • 2015 — Cruising Speed • TBCkn

    Cabins • 8TBC — Max. Beam • TBC

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)8

  • Image
    Leopard 58’ — 18.00m

    Year Built • 2015 — Cruising Speed • TBCkn

    Cabins • 8TBC — Max. Beam • TBC

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)8

  • Image
    Power Cat Leopard 50’ — 16.60m

    Year Built • 2015 — Cruising Speed • 14kn

    Cabins • 8TBC — Max. Beam • TBC

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)8

  • Image
    Maritimo 48’ — 14.60m

    Year Built • 2005 — Cruising Speed • 25kn

    Cabins • 3 — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)10 — Max. Pax (overnight)4

  • Image
    Maritimo 51’ — 17.00m

    Year Built • 2008 — Cruising Speed • 28kn

    Cabins • 3 — Max. Beam • TBCm

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)8

  • Image
    Cabo 32 Express — 9.75m

    Year Built • 2006 — Cruising Speed • 20kn

    Cabins • 1 — Max. Beam • 3.96m

    Max. Pax (day)4 — Max. Pax (overnight)-

  • Image
    Cabo 45 Express — 14.50m

    Year Built • 2005 — Cruising Speed • 20kn

    Cabins • 2 — Max. Beam • 4.95m

    Max. Pax (day)12 — Max. Pax (overnight)4

  • Image
    Heesen 70 Sport Fisher — 18.90m

    Year Built • 2011 — Cruising Speed • 20kn

    Cabins • 3 — Max. Beam • 6.00m

    Max. Pax (day)10 — Max. Pax (overnight)6

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